Refund and service delivery policy

Brand Name : *GrowUni*
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Registered Name: Growuni Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 12B Spaze I Tech Park, Gurgaon
Email: [email protected]
Date:17th August 2023

**Service Delivery**

At GrowUni, we are committed to providing high-quality digital marketing and social media services to help your business thrive. Once you purchase our services, here is what you can expect in terms of service delivery:

1. Service Initiation:

Upon purchasing our digital marketing or social media service, we will initiate your service within 72 hours. A dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to oversee your project and ensure smooth communication.

2. Service Progress:

Our expert team will diligently work on implementing the agreed-upon digital marketing strategies for your business. Regular updates will be provided by your assigned relationship manager to keep you informed about the progress.

3. Communication:

We believe in transparent and effective communication. Your relationship manager will be your main point of contact for any questions, concerns, or updates related to your service.

**Refund Policy**

We understand that achieving results in digital marketing takes time and effort. However, if you are unsatisfied with our service, we offer a refund policy that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction:

1. Refund Eligibility:

If, after a period of 90 days, you find that the results achieved through our digital marketing service do not meet the promised expectations, you are eligible to request a refund.

2. Evaluation Process:

To initiate the refund process, you need to contact our customer support team at [email protected] Our team will evaluate your case thoroughly to determine if your results align with the promises made during the service agreement.

3. Refund Amount:

If our evaluation confirms that the results are indeed not as promised, we will happily refund your money. Please note that the refund will cover only the agency fees paid for the digital marketing service.

4. Refund Process:

Once your refund request is approved, our team will initiate the refund process. The refunded amount will be credited back to the original payment method used for the purchase within a reasonable timeframe.

*Note* This refund policy is applicable only to the agency fees paid for our digital marketing service. Any additional expenses, third-party costs, or charges are not eligible for refund.

At GrowUni, we value your trust and are dedicated to providing top-notch services to help your business grow. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Refund and Service Delivery Policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at